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    From scrap jewelry to collectible coins, Norman Gold and Diamonds provides a safe place for you to get cash for gold, diamonds, baseball cards, and more. As traders ourselves, we promise that we will always offer you a fair bid for your items.
    Whether you have inherited a variety of old and outdated jewelry or tired of your precious cards collecting dust, we are happy to help. Using a gold broker and coin buyers is beneficial because we seek out top buyers or smelters, giving you cash in hand
    For more information about cash for diamonds or gold, call us today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Cash for Jewelry

Many people have broken jewelry, mismatched sets, or even pieces they find just plain ugly. However, they may contain gold, precious stones, platinum, or any number of other valuables. Come to Norman Gold and Diamonds and we will be happy to offer you cash for your jewelry.

Precious stones
Cash for Precious Stones

From sapphires and rubies to glittering diamonds, we proudly offer cash for precious stones. We recognize value and guarantee that you will receive a fair and honest bid.

Gold coin
Cash for Coins

Money changes over time and different forms of currency come and go. However, coins that are out of mint gradually collect value. Bring your old coins to see if they qualify for our cash for coins program.

Cash for Baseball Cards

Baseball is an all-American sport. The greats have not only been memorialized in the Hall of Fame, but on collectible cards for fans to enjoy. Many of these cards are now out of print, but the players are more famous than ever. If you have cards lying around, come to Norman Gold and Diamonds and we can give you cash for baseball cards.

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